Flex / Flash Web Application Development

Flex / Flash Web Application Development

Give your site the ultimate user interaction by developing Flash components like video, audio and web cam streaming.

Our Flash / Flex team can take your site to a whole new level. Soigne offers complete solutions for creating and delivering Rich Internet Applications using flex. By using our Flex Development Services you will definitely make your project technically extraordinary and more interactive and engaging. Now a day’s Flex has given a new look and dimensions to the web & user wants more Interactive content and dynamic applications within website. Our Flash / Flex team can take your site to a whole new level. Flex Developers at Semaphore have achieved great amount of proficiency in delivering Flex Solutions. Our core expertises are creating highly intuitive, interactive and expressive web and desktop applications. Our dedicated team of Flex Programmers has professionally accomplished a number of offshore software development projects till date.

Flash is proprietary software developed by Macromedia which is used to generate complex animations. Flash websites can be visually stunning and provide otherwise unachievable levels of user interactivity, but it are almost impossible to carry out any meaningful form of search engine optimization on a Flash site and so it is, generally, to be avoided.

Our Offerings on Flex

  • Flex Custom Application Development
  • Flex integration with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PHP, JAVA, ASP .NET, XML
  • Skinning of Flex components
  • Dynamic Shopping Cart
  • Flex based Video Player
  • Flex based Image Gallery
  • Rich Internet Application with Flex and Flash
  • Flex based Music Player
  • Map Application Integration
  • Flex Component Development
  • Flex Widgets
  • Flex Game Development
  • Database Driven Flex Applications