Static Design

Static Website Design

In today’s world web presence is a must for all kinds of businesses. Generally a startup or a small business have a low budget for their website design. Static website design is best suited for such organizations. As the word suggests static website design is static and does not change much once the website is designed. But static website design in no means a shows your business small, it can give your business an online presence. Your potential customers or visitors interested in your business can have all information about your business online. People can get your contact information or submit a business enquiry using your website which can open new opportunities for your business.

At soigne we offer static website design at a low cost which has a high quality design and requires minimum maintenance. We design static websites using HTML and CSS which has the benefit of faster load time of website as compared to dynamic websites. We offer our customers complete package of domain registration, website hosting and static website design. All our static websites are seo friendly and are indexed by major search engines like google, yahoo and bing.


Advantages of static website design

  • Affordable website due to low website design cost
  • Faster website load time due to non usage of server side programming
  • Runs on all servers due to minimum server requirements
  • Search engine friendly

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