e - Commerce

e – Commerce

We build professional e-Commerce solutions, which helps you to sell your products/services online and increase revenue. Soigne offer Enterprise e-Commerce web solutions to businesses located worldwide. It does not matters what your business is or what you sell. We promise to assist you for marketing and also to sell your products online. See the vast range of features we offer at the most cost effective price. Our designs are unique and innovative that clearly stands out in the crowd. We do not differentiate our clients and serve to all small businesses and corporate enterprises.

Why Custom e-Commerce

You may find many companies offering you e-Commerce application at very low cost which are open source but they are more vulnerable to attacks. Soigné offers security in its e-Commerce Solutions. Soigné also offers open source e-Commerce solutions click here to know more.

Key Features of Soigné e-Commerce Application

User Management

Application will allow visitors on get registered on the website by entering their basic details. Visitors can also get registered via Facebook login. Administrators will be able to see the registrations made on the website and manager users easily. This application provides the facility to create moderators to manage website with privileges system that can control the access of control panel i.e. access rights of moderators.

Product Management

Administrator/Moderators can create unlimited categories and products on the portal. Every product has its own page and Search Engine friendly. User can associate their products/services with multiple categories with ease. There is facility to upload multiple images of products/services.

Inventory Management

Administrators will be able to track inventory with one click. This module is plug n play. If you do not want to manage your inventory then you can opt out of this module.

Discount Coupons

There is a facility to create discount coupons which are helpful in increasing sales. You can use these coupons to promote your company. They can be used on festive season.

Easy Checkout steps

Visitors can add products in their cart and check as guest by entering minimal amount of information.