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Android Application Development

With the introduction of mobile device around 2 decades ago, nobody assumed that it will touch the human life at the very basic level. In recent times, various mobile platforms are developed which are being used by OEMs to design and develop their mobile devices. Google has introduced Android in year 2007 and undoubtedly it has become the most popular mobile platform over the years. Millions of phones, tablets and other Android-based devices are getting activated on regular basis.

At Soigne, we understand the importance of Android and are in constant touch with all the developments happening in the field of Android App Development. Our team of expert and proficient Android designers and developers are well acquainted with Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK), Android Location based Services (LBS) APIs, Security Architecture and various other technologies required to build state-of-the art Android applications.

Our Android Application Development Services include:

  • Location Based App Development
    Android’s Location APIs make it easy for you to build location-based applications. Knowing where the use is allows your application to be smarter and deliver better information to the user. We at Soigne, build applications based on both GPS and Network Location Provider which determine user location using cell tower and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Background Services App
    Services are integral part of any application. In Android, service applications are build that runs in the background without needing to interact with the user. Various applications are required to be build which does not require any interaction with the user but keep on working in the background and will provide data/service whenever required. We have extensive experience in building Service applications.
  • Data Based App Development
    SQLite is an Open Source database which is being used by Android and does not require a setup or administration. Applications which are build using SQLite database will not be able to share data with other applications. Content Provider is one more way to build database applications where the data can be shared among applications. We have built so many application based on both SQLite and Content Provider databases.
  • Media Integration – Videos, Pictures
    Social networking has reached to the height where people look to socialize more than ever by taking benefits of the best social network apps for Android. Soigne not only develop robust, attractive and creative applications, but also engaged in successful integration that helps you to promote your products and attract users.
  • Browser and Navigation
    Smartphones allow users to stay connected all the time, communicate and collaborate over work in real-time. Browser-based applications run directly from the browser on mobile devices that do not get installed on handheld device and rather run on hosted servers. We have developed various Android apps for our enterprise customers for their internal applications.