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Software Quality Process



Requirement Analysis

It is the first phase in the software testing life cycle. In this phase the QA team analyzes the requirements to identify testable requirements. QA team may also interact with various stakeholders of the project to get clarity on the requirements. Different types of testing to be performed during the testing lifecycle are decided in this phase itself.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Use case documents
  • Requirement tractability matrix
  • Requirement specification documents

Test Planning

All planning activities related to testing are carried out in this phase. Cost and effort estimation for the project is determined to finalize the test plan.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Test plan document
  • Effort estimation

Test Design

Various testing techniques such black box and white box are used to create test cases for testing of the product. Selection of test environment is also done under this phase. Test scripts if needed are also developed in this phase.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Test Cases
  • Test Scripts

Test Environment Setup

Hardware and software requirements for the product to be tested is setup in this phase.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Test Environment with test data is readied in this phase.
  • Smoke tests are carried out in this phase.

Test Execution

Test cases prepared by QA team is executed in this phase and bugs found are communicated to the development team.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Execution of test cases.
  • Defect reports are prepared.

Test Closure

Testing process comes to an end in this phase and the results are analyzed for future test strategies.
Outcomes of this Phase:

  • Test Closure report.
  • Test metrics and process improvements.