We're Flexible and we've multiple engagement models for our customers

Engagement Models

Soigne offers its client the flexibility of working with different pricing models.


Fixed Cost Model

All the requirements of the project are defined in the scope document for the project and a fixed estimate is calculated based on the number of resources working on the project for a specified period of time. This model ensures that you are completely aware of the final budget for your project right from the beginning. Customers with clear understanding of their requirement often opt for this model.


Hourly Cost Model

This model allows you the flexibility to pay as you go. More suitable for tasks where the scope is not entirely defined. It ensures that you are only paying while work is being done on your project by our resources.


Combination of Fixed and Hourly

In most cases while the customers are aware of most of their requirement upfront, there comes a stage during the development of the project where they come up with additional requests and features. The mixed model works the best there. While we fix the cost for the predefined requirement, you can pay an hourly fee for the extra features being worked upon.


Dedicated Resource

We also offer you dedicated resource for your tasks if you have an ongoing requirement. The dedicated resources are the most cost-effective option as the value for your money is the highest in this model. For clients having ongoing tasks we recommend a semi or completely dedicated resource.